Fidget Stick: Amazing Desk Fidget Toys to Keep You Busy

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Fidget toys are so popular that is hard not to want one. If on the page about the best fidget spinners you can learn why these small spinning toys are good for you and for your brain, on this one you are going to learn everything there is to know about the fidget sticks, one of the most popular variants available on the market today.

A little less manageable than the fidget spinners, the fidget sticks are considered to be the best fidget toys to help the eye-hand coordination and to regain focus in those moments when the brain doesn’t seem to be able to concentrate anything specific.

You do not need to have ADHD to fully enjoy the fidget stick but, if you, do this handy fidget toy might be the answer to many of your problems.

What Is The Fidget Stick?

The fidget stick is a relatively small fidget toy with a length of 92mm and a diameter of just 26mm. It looks like a handle, perhaps from a skipping rope or  -if you forgive me for the not-too-romantic image – a toilet with an overhead cistern’s flushing chain.

Obviously, its compact size makes it easy to transport and to keep it with you all the time. Whether you want to keep it in your pocket or in your desk drawer at work, you can do so without any issues.

rollover fidget stick

What Does It Do?

Like most fidget toys, the Fidget Stick can be used in a variety of ways – even though most of these may not be immediately apparent when you first start using it.

There are a number of ‘standard’ moves that the Fidget Stick can be used to perform.

If you tip the stick over gently it will flip. You can use your hands to balance and flip the Fidget Stick, which means it can be used to perform tricks once you master it.

It is suggested that it is even possible to perform with multiple Fidget Sticks at once. Personally, I never managed to do this – but I know some YouTube kids who have tutorials you can learn from.

If you’re not a tricks kind of person, you can use it to squeeze it, grip it, press it, throw from hand to hand or any other move that helps you concentrate. It’s the same as many other fidget toys in that respect.

What Are The Benefits of the Fidget Stick?

This is the probably the most interesting part because the Fidget Stick is so a lot more than just a toy.

Stress is a major health concern for a lot of people and the Fidget Stick can help with that.

Any item you can fiddle with in your hands such as a bunch of keys or a rubber ball can be squeezed or manipulated and it will help to combat it.

The Fidget Stick has been designed with stress in mind. It is perfect to hold and squeeze and as well as being able to flip it creates enough of a distraction for the stress to slip away. I know it sounds far fetched but you should give it a try – it really works. rolling fidget sticks

Fidget Sticks And Child Development

The fidget stick can help with attention and concentration problems, even helping as part of the treatment for ADHD.

Fidget toys keep your mind sharp and teach eye-hand coordination as well as improving motor skills.

The Fidget Stick is, therefore, a fairly invaluable tool for both school or the workplace as it has so many helpful factors associated with it.

Another major plus is the ability for it to help you out of bad habits. Many have turned to fidget toys to stop themselves biting their nails and keeping the hands busy is a great way to not do this.

The Fidget Stick, in particular, is a help for this kind of thing. Some people even claim it has helped them stop smoking.

Many smokers who have tried to quit will tell you it’s the problem of not having something to do with their hands that have them reaching for the cigarette packet and because the Fidget Stick occupies hands and minds it can help you on the road to quitting.

mokuru fidget stick

This is not a definite way to quit smoking though, so don’t expect miracles if you intend to use it for that purpose.

So there we have it. The Fidget Stick is the perfect fidget toy for both young and old and also those in between. Many people have written fidget toys off as a passing fad or a waste of time. But there are benefits as we’ve seen.

Doctors are accepting that fidget toys are important for a child’s development. As much as they are for an adult’s well-being.

So if you have stress or anxiety problems or you have difficulty remaining focused then the Fidget Stick is something for you.

Buy one and stick it in your office desk drawer for emergencies! And if you’re still skeptical, just give it a try. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Probably that you’ll love it!