Best Anti-Stress fidget pen to help you concentrate

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Stress is a growing concern in our lives and cool fidget toys are being widely used by adults in an attempt to overcome this. The Fidget Pen is the latest innovation which can help with this.

What Is The Fidget Pen?

Think of fidget toys and you might think of spinners or rubber balls. But what about something which also has a practical use?

This is where the Fidget Pen comes in. It’s an actual working pen that can write in exactly the same way as a normal writing pen, but it has the added bonus of being a fidget toy to alleviate stress.

All the squeezable balls and twistable sticks and puzzle cubes are a very good stress buster, but their downside is using them in the workplace might get you in trouble with your boss (at worst) or just make you look a little silly (at best).

After all, you can’t use them while you’re supposed to be doing what you’re getting paid for, namely doing actual work.

The Fidget Pen: a Handy Two-in-One Anti Stress

One of the best ones currently available is the Think Ink fidget pen.In basic

This great fidget pen is a titanium and steel pen which can be bent or twisted. It also can be transformed into a variety of shapes and comes with a few bonus items to increase the options you have with it.

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What can the Think Ink Fidget Pen do?

Firstly and most importantly it’s discreet. You can fiddle around with it to your heart’s content and if your boss shows up it just appears that you are holding an ordinary pen in your hand.

If you’re the kind of person who usually sits twiddling a ballpoint pen between your fingers or tapping your fingers on your desk at work, then this is really the fidget toy for you.

This fidget pen can be twisted into a variety of shapes and is incredibly durable.

It fills the void of a stress ball in this respect. It has a magnetic ball on the end which can be used as a near silent spinner.

The clip at the end of the pen is magnetic too and can be detached enabling you to attach it anywhere on the body of the Fidget Pen you wish. This can also be bent as it’s incredibly durable.

The fact that it can be twisted and transformed does also lend itself to performing tricks with the pen which can create hours of amusement.

Why We Love The Think Ink Fidget Pen

The main benefit of Fidget Pens such as the Think Ink one is their ability to fight stress.

For how unusual this might sound strange, office workers have been using rubber stress balls for years to vent their frustration and reduce anger and stress levels.  And some people even used Chinese worry balls which they rolled around in the palm of their hands.

The key to reducing stress can be taking your mind off the cause of stress, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Fidget toys such as Think Ink engage the brain in something completely different. This specific fidget pen gives you the opportunity to move your hands in a different way than if you were writing or typing.

We’ve all heard that you need to take a break from looking at a computer screen every so often to avoid strain on the eyes.

Zoning out from work for a little while stops strain on the brain and this is very important. A clean mind is a healthy mind and fidgeting is a great tool in the fight against stress.

Fidget Pens, like other fidget toys, have also been proven to improve concentration and creativity. Doctors and studies have provided all the evidence you need to show this is true.

If you want a sharper mind and a much more stress-free work life then you should invest in a Think Ink Fidget Pen.

Also, they aren’t just for working adults, students and children can benefit from them too. Attention problems can be aided by fidget toys. And they can really be an integral part of a child’s development of motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Try one today and see how good it feels!