Fidget Cube: Here’s Why You WANT to Have One

The Best Fidget CubeEvery time I need to explain what a Fidget Cube is, I go for the same definition that The Verge used once, when Dieter Bohn said this is “a baby toy for adults.”

Bohn said he loves the fidget cube and, guess what, here at Cool Fidget Toys we love the fidget cubes so much that we refer to these as “the kings of fidget toys.”

While the fidget spinner might be the one everyone is talking about these days, the fidget cubes are the ones that you are going to hold on to, once you finally land one on the palm of your hands.

In this page, we will give you some basics about these a-ma-zing baby toys for adults, we will tell you how to use them and, in case you don’t have one yet, we will suggest you how to buy the best fidget cubes online with a discount.

What Is The Fidget Cube?

Fidget Cubes to Buy OnlineInitially launched as a Kickstarter project, the cube took the world by a storm with an irresistible mix of entertainment, fun, and ability to help even the most distracted ones among us to concentrate also on the most tedious tasks.

In general, the fidget cube is a fidget toy made of a durable mix of rubber and plastic.

Each side of the cube has some little geegaws that have been carefully built to keep you and your brain busy. From one side to the other, the Fidget Cube is all about a rolly ball, a few buttons of varying clickiness, a switch, and a spinning dial.

If you are thinking this fidget toy is too small to feel solid in your hand – think again. All the fidget cubes featured on this page are of premium quality and offer a premium feel.

Plus, as soon as you get your hands on it, you realize that the guys who launched it first have built it to sit in the crook of your finger.

In other words: it feels great because it is great.

If you are too distracted to read a long article like this one – in which case you totally need a fidget spinner or a fidget cube – here’s a neat infographic that shows you all the fidget cube does:

What does the Fidget Cube do

What’s The Point of the Fidget Cube?

Trianium Fidget CubeOn the surface, the fidget cube seems nothing more than a useless gimmick or a daft toy that serves no particular purpose.

If this is what you think, I dare you to try one.

The way it feels in your hand is amazing. And if you’re the kind of person who’s always fiddling with keys in your pocket, drumming your fingers on a desk, or even biting your nails – this could be the thing for you.

As with all the other fidget toys, you find here on our site, the Fidget Cube is more than a toy or plasticky gimmick to kill time.

Fidget toys have been proven to combat stress, anger, and even anxiety, and fidget cubes can help children with motor skills, attention span, and concentration issue.

If you are not a kid, keep in mind that an elaborate device as the fidget cube can also sharpen your mind and help you to become more creative.

Best Fidget Cubes Under $20

If you are planning to test a fidget cube, we invite you to do it on the cheap and aim at one of the fidget toys on sale for no more than $20.

While the cheapest fidget cubes might result in sturdy toys that will crack or break as soon as you get your hands on them, those on the market in the $15-$20 range offer a great compromise in terms of quality and durability.

Focus Cube

The Focus Cube is one of the most popular fidget cubes online today. The ceramic bearing and the premium materials used for this one are a guarantee when it comes to durability, and you can sure this won’t break as soon as it slips through your fingers and falls on an hard floor.

How do we know this? Well…let’s say we speak from experience.

The Focus Cube fidget cube in available at Amazon for $12.99, making it the best one of its kind for the price / quality combination.

FabQuality Improved Cube

The reason we love this one, is that for less than $6.00 you get a package so full of extras that it would be crazy not to buy it online.

To be honest with you, this is not as high-quality as the Focus Cube, but this is the best cube to buy if you are just about to discover the world of fidget toys and cubes.

Besides an (average quality) cube, for only $5.99  you get also a Minion key chain and a book full of useful tips to beat stress and learn to live a healthier life. Not bad, right?

The 12-Sided Fidget Cube

Can a cube have twelve sides? Of course not.

This 12-sided fidget “cube” is an improved version of the fidget toy we all know, with more feature in a tiny little 12-sided box.

This brand-new fidget cube is built to last and it is amazing to fig stress. Whether you want to click, squeeze, or slide – the 12 different sides have something to keep you busy and help you concentrate.

What’s even better, is the cube’s price point: at $9.99 on Amazon (the regular price is $21.99) it’s a steal. Order it TODAY from this page.

Fidget Cube: Real Vs. Fake